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Veterinarian in Okemos

Are you looking for a qualified veterinarian in Okemos, MI? Animals are a source of joy, love and responsibility. Whether a family pet or livestock on a ranch or farm, animals provide valuable services to their owners and therefore deserve the level of treatment and care that will preserve their overall wellbeing. Every pet is different, and at Bennett Road Animal Clinic Inc we take care to talk to you about your particular concerns as we conduct a thorough analysis of your pet's medical condition. We can then create a strategy that will help maintain your pet's good health or address any illness or injury that exists. Our mission is to ensure that your pet leads as long and as healthy of a life as possible.

Looking for an Okemos Vet?

The term "veterinarian" comes from Latin veterinae, which means "working animals". Veterinarians deal with different types of animals, depending on their particular practice. Just like any medical professional, a vet must make ethical decisions about his or her patients' care. At Bennett Road Animal Clinic Inc we are committed to helping your pet through preventative care and in addressing any medical conditions or other needs that may arise. We offer our veterinarian services to clients throughout Okemos.

Veterinarian Practice Serving Okemos and the Surrounding Areas

Bennett Road Animal Clinic Inc provides comprehensive veterinary services to patients throughout Okemos. Our goal, whether conducting a routine check-up or addressing an unforeseen illness or injury sustained by a pet, is to make an accurate assessment of the matter and then develop a plan that addresses the specific situation at hand. Preventative care and medical treatment of any kind require the level of professionalism and compassionate service that our veterinary practice provides each and every day.

Would you like to learn more about the specific services that Bennett Road Animal Clinic Inc can offer? All you have to do is click on any of the links listed below and you will be directed to a page with specific information about that topic. We also welcome you to call us at at your earliest convenience to schedule an appointment regarding any of the following (or other needs you may have):

For directions to our offices at 2298 Bennett Rd, Okemos, MI 48864, look at the map located below. We also help clients in East Lansing, Haslett and Williamston and are ready to see how we can assist you.

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Talk to a professional at or schedule an appointment at our Okemos veterinary practice. We are committed to providing the patient care and medical treatment that your pet needs at any stage of his or her life. Contact Bennett Road Animal Clinic Inc today to arrange a consultation or appointment that works best for you.

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